The prestigious Refectory, situated on the ground floor of the monastery building, remains almost entirely in its original, late-medieval condition and constitutes one of the rare secular medieval interiors in Frankfurt. The Southern wall is adorned with an almost 30-meter long mural by Jörg Ratgeb, which was painted at the beginning of the 16th century and depicts the history of the Carmelite order. Sandstone pillars support the ornate wooden beam ceiling. Two large Gothic lancet windows and a number of high windows in a sandstone setting provide an ample amount of daylight. The ground is covered by sandstone plates. A programmable lighting system creates the perfect lighting for every kind of event. The Refectory lends itself perfectly to formal concerts, smaller-scale performing arts performances, lectures, conferences, symposia, conventions, exhibitions, fashion shows, product presentations, banquets and receptions in a historical setting.


Size: 300 m² (30 x 9,90 m)
Height: 6,30 m


Row seating for 199 people; round table seating for 110 people; banqueting layout for 140 people; standing reception for 240 people

Technical Equipment

Programmable lighting system; sound system including three microphones

Furnishings Available for Rent

200 chairs; lectern; 2 stage tables with leg screens for one person each (combinable); 1 stage table with leg screen for two persons (combinable); stage elements

Further Information

Barrier-free access; daylight; window shades; exhibition wall system available; 10 floor outlet boxes with high voltage connection 16A; simultaneous use of 4 sockets possible; maximum available power output at 42 kW


3.500 € a day (excluding VAT)