If you want to conduct searches among the stocks of the Institute, you can do so in three different databases.
Remember, however, that before viewing archived material in our Reading Room, you will need to complete a User Form. You can do so in advance, on your own PC, and then bring along the signed form when you visit us for the first time.

Textual archive database

The ISG online database maps large volumes of files as well as documents, official gazettes and other archived material. Each record provides details of the content and date of an archived item, but without digitised images. If you have found material that is of interest to you, you can order the item in the Reading Room and then view it during our opening hours. Further details on the ordering process can be found in our notes on ISG searches.
Detailed notes on search options are available in a pdf document.
Direct access to database.

Image database

The ISG Bild online database contains details of images, maps, posters, video footage, audio material, etc. Unlike the ISG database, ISG Bild often also has previews of archived material. It also differs from archived textual material in that original images found in ISG Bild cannot be ordered directly in the Reading Room. Feel free to make an appointment with us if you’d like to view such images or if you want to order them for either private use or publication. The names and contact addresses of the relevant staff can be found under Use of Images. The use of the Institute’s images is chargeable, as specified in our Scale of Charges and Fees. It is also subject to copyright regulations and the Hessian Archives Acts. Any unauthorised use of images will therefore be prosecuted.
Detailed notes on search options are available in a pdf document.
Direct access to database.

Library Database

The Library Database contains books, newspapers and magazines, as well as commemorative publications, programmes of events and other publications of public authorities, companies, museums, schools, foundations, clubs, societies and other institutions based in Frankfurt. If you have any questions about our library stocks, please contact our library staff. The relevant names and contact addresses can be found here.
Direct access to Museum Library Database.

Stock List

A large amount of further information is also available on our website, under “Stock List”. The Institute for the History of Frankfurt has, among other things, 15.5 miles (25 km) of documents and 2 million images. To maintain a systematic overview and ensure direct access to the material, each archived item is assigned to a specific domain and department. The Stock List provides an initial overview of all archived items that belong to a given domain. It also contains information about domains which do not yet form part of the database.

Departmental Stock List: Old Department

Departmental Stock List: New Department

Departmental Stock List: Collections