The Library of the Institute for the History of Frankfurt contains publications on Frankfurt, both ancient and contemporary. Some are extremely rare, while others have a wide circulation. Documents range from coronation diaries of the Kings and Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation to a cookery book of Frankfurt specialities.
The foundation for the Library was created by the Society of History and Archaeology in the 19th century, when it entrusted its collection of books to the former City Archives. Large parts of the Special Library were lost during air raids in 1944, while most Frankfurt-specific items – known as Francofurtensias – survived.
The current stocks of around 80,000 items include lexicons, collections of sources, literature on specific topics in the history of Frankfurt, as well as Frankfurt newspapers and magazines. Our collection focuses on the following areas, in particular:
•Election and coronation
•Frankfurt National Assembly 1848/49
•Grey literature (newssheets and brochures published by Frankfurt-based clubs and societies, foundations, companies and other organisations).
All library stocks are mapped in the Library Database, including Frankfurt-related essays in magazines and books.
As the Library of the Institute is a reference library, books cannot be taken out but must be viewed in the Reading Room, where frequently requested literature is directly available. If you have any questions about our stocks or how to search our catalogue, please contact .